Native App

Native App:

Building a Native app development takes a lot that involves being specific about programming languages (depending on the platform), the software development kits to be used, and other tools given by operating system vendors. It requires employing different mobile app development technologies for different platforms.

For iOS based Native App, The Technologies We Use:

  • Our Preferred Programming languages: The programming languages we mostly use are Objective-C and Swift. Why? They are more viable in terms of functionality and are less prone to errors. The best thing is; you can cut down the initial size of your app that ultimately results in better performance.
  • Preferred Toolkit: The toolkit we use is Apple Xcode: It lets us create an iOS app as well as desktop application with so many integrated features.
  • Preferred SDK: We use iOS SDK. It functions as a bridge between software applications and the platform they run on. It helps a native app run smoothly on iPhones as well as other Apple devices..

For Android Based Native Apps, We Use Technologies like:

  • Preferred Programming languages: In general, we prefer using Java and Kotlin. They make a fully operational app that runs smoothly on all Android devices.
  • Preferred Toolkit: We prefer using tools such as; Android Studio & Android Developer. It helps build a unique app with user friendly, high quality features.
  • Preferred SDK: Developers can write programs with the latest features, using the Android SDK:

The Major Advantages of Having a Native App:

  • It comes with Full Device Integration Features
  • It offers a Great User Experience
  • Delivers Faster Performance
  • Highly Responsive

Extremely Secure